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Honey Argan Lip Balm all natural lip care

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Featured Ingredient

Honey Argan Lip Balm - handmade all Australian natural Lip Balm.

  • Organic Argan Oil protects and deeply moisturises
  • Australian honey and beeswax seals in moisture and exfoliates dry lips
  • Lip luscious and delicious

Safe and delicious to lick dry lips while it nourishes. Honey Argan Lip Balm contains pure organic Argan Oil and Australian raw honey. Our lips are vulnerable to drying out from sunburn as the skin is fine and fragile. Honey Argan Lip Balm provides an occlusive barrier and seals in moisture.

Argan Oil is the special ingredient in my all natural lip balm. Argan oil helps to prevent chapping. Argan Oil is high in Oleic acid (46%) to help increase moisture and reduce redness. And rich in Linoleic fatty (33%) acid to increase skin flexibility and penetration. Argan oil aids in protecting lips from the sun by preventing oxidative damage from pollution and UV rays. Our Moroccan Argan Oil is Australian certified organic.

Bring a smile to dry, cracked lips. The organic butters and botanical oils make it one of the best natural lip balms in Australia for dry lip care. Honey Argan Lip Balm is a nourishing vegetable-based lip balm. Try it now for soft, smooth lips.

Featured Ingredient

Australian honey for natural sweetness. Organic Argan Oil for intense moisture.


• handmade in small batches here in Summer Hill, NSW, Australia


• Honey Argan Lip Balm is suitable as a barrier on all your body
• Suitable on baby's bottom instead of nasty petroleum-based products available in the supermarket
• Use it under and over your other lipstick and facial products. It's clear and very nourishing and won't affect your existing make-up products


Sweet Almond Oil, Shea Butter*, Bees Wax*, Cocoa Butter*, Australian Honey*, Argan Oil* (* Organic)


• Apply a small amount onto lips as often as needed particularly in hot, dry or windy conditions
• Also suitable as a barrier balm on skin that may be exposed to cold, dry or windy weather conditions
• Use as a cuticle treatment or for cracked heals, elbows or other dry skin areas


• Take it with you anywhere
• Handy, pop in your Hand Knitted Lip Balm Bag