FAQs about affordable and Australian made botanical skincare

Where can I find Busy Bee Blossom?

My name is Louise from Busy Bee Blossom. I am in Summer Hill, NSW, Australia. I create handmade natural botanical skincare and coconut soy wax candles. I am online and at local artisan market stalls. Please look at my Google Business profile on my Contact page to visit by appointment (so that I don’t miss you by accident).

Is Busy Bee Blossom Australian made and owned?

Busy Bee Blossom is all Australian owned. All my products are handmade, sourced or created by Louise. I have textile products that empower women in small South African communities. These products are by Antjie's Handmade Naturals.

Would you like a beautiful ceramic soap dish? Made by Susan Fahd, they're durable, add style to your home and are one of a kind.

What’s the first thing you do when looking at a new product?

Aroma is important to me. I love to see my customers walk by my market stall and say they love the scent. They bend in close and drink in the scent! And that makes me very happy to see them experience the divine smell of candles or roses.

Smell is a very important sense. Smell evokes memories of the past and makes us feel happy. I have always loved the smell of a rose in the park. Or to receive flowers as a gift. Try Lavender Tattoo Body Balm and drink in the clear, floral and herbaceous scent of lavender. The minty scent reminds me of past holidays in Lavender fields. And walking through the lavender farm maze in Tasmania.

How does it feel?

Persian Rose Repair Body Cream has a gorgeous scent. You will notice the gorgeous rose scent as it's opened. As you rub a small amount into your skin, the scent will come to life. Your body temperature will help to intensify the scent. As the day goes on, you may forget that it’s on your skin. It will continue to deeply moisturise your skin all day. It is cost effective as a small amount goes a long way. Like perfume, the scent becomes less noticeable to the wearer. But an admirer may notice it!

And then you may ask for some more information about the product.

You may ask yourself if is it affordable?

Botanical and essential oils can be quite costly and this is due to its concentrated form. Another reason is the extraction of the essential oil. Thousands of rose petals produce only one ml of Rose Otto essential oil. The rose petals are hand-picked in the morning before the sun becomes too hot. This preserves the precious oils found in the petals. The roses are grown in distinct regions of the World. History and knowledge produce a beautiful precious essential oil. I use Bulgarian Rose Otto in my Persian Rose Repair Body Cream. The aroma is sweet and luxurious. Roses symbolise beauty and love, making it very special.

The country of origin of the essential oil will be a very important factor in quality and cost. For me, I love French lavender for its sweet, floral notes. The fresh air of Tasmania produces a beautiful essential oil. And as a result, it will cost a bit more. Diluted essential can be more affordable, but I prefer to use pure essential oils. I love pure essential oils for their powerful health benefits.

A small amount of essential oil can have a big impact. It is worth remembering that a little is all you need to go a long way. I want my products to be seen by you as affordable and quality.

Is your skincare good for you?

Pure and active ingredients

Natural botanicals harness the germ or heart of the blossom. Pure botanicals provide us with many health benefits. Take for example Aloe Vera – it’s very soothing and moisturising on skin. I use Aloe in my handmade Cleansing Bar Soap. The leaves of Aloe Vera store water in their cells and helps to keep skin clean, soothed and hydrated.

Products, by law, need to list their ingredients by order of quantity. In other products you may find the active is way down the list of ingredients. That means that a very small amount is used in the product. That's correct for a concentrated ingredient like a pure essential oil. But pure botanical oils, like Argan Oil, will work more if it is available in your product at a higher quantity. My Blossom Pure Moroccan Argan Oil is 100% pure and organic. Less expensive products may have less of the active ingredient. They have less benefits for skin and hair.

Clean beauty

At Busy Bee Blossom I use time tested natural base oils and organic ingredients. Pure botanical oils have stood the test of time and science. I choose to use natural botanical ingredients. They are quality ingredients, so the cost is relative to their potential. I don't use petrochemical based or palm oil in my handmade skincare or candles.

What active ingredients do I use in my products?

Actives are ingredients that have a beneficial impact on your skin. Actives come from nature and are not synthetic. Active ingredients are very important to mature or stressed skin.

The marketing hype will make you believe that there is something very costly in your product. Actives are quite simple and very effective. Make an AHA peel at home with natural fruit acid peels. Cut papaya skin, place a sliver on your face to get a wonderful face lift without chemicals! There’s nothing magic about it, but marketing tactics make it sound like a miracle.

Kakadu Plum is another favourite of mine. Its a super ingredient from Northern Australia that is very high in Vitamin C. The actives in Blossom Vitamin Moisturising Mask are Aloe Vera or Kakadu Plum.

How will I know my product is safe and effective?

There may be some doubts in your mind about handmade organic skincare. I apply the concepts of cosmetic chemistry. I test and research my ingredient efficacy and stability. By completing this I am always improving my products. The science of Aromatherapy is a science that supports our health and wellbeing. It helps that I'm a book nerd for anything related to clean beauty.

AICIS is the Australian authority for chemical introduction into Australia. AICIS regulates the chemical ingredients imported into Australia. This ensures safety and efficacy of products manufactured in Australia.

Australian standards protect consumers of cosmetics. Always read the product label to know what you're buying. Each of my products list all ingredients in order of quantity from largest to smallest. All base ingredients are safe and non-toxic and available for you to see on the label.

Remember, botanical and essential oils need to be fresh. Your nose will know if an oil is out of date and in which case the product will not be as effective as a fresh one. At Busy Bee Blossom I hand make my product in small batches ready for market and my online store. Fresh is the best way to go.

I buy ingredients that have Certficates of Analysis for authenticity. This ensures product freshness and Organic certification.

Is Busy Bee Blossom sustainable?

I care about the environment and take pride in my packaging. It hurts the Earth too much to throw away stuff without a care for its impact. I use cardboard and glass wherever possible. Use my recyclable amber glass jars and ceramic wares around your home.

Is Busy Bee Blossom caring for animals?

Pets are our friends too. That’s why I use pure botanical and essential oils in my products that are not tested on animals. As well, time has tested and proven them to be super effective. I don't use palm oils as they could be from unsustainable sources. I care about animals and the places they live in.

Are my ingredients organic?

I use certified organic products from accredited sources. This includes ACO (Australian Certified Organic) or USDA Certified Organic. An Asterix on product labelling indicates that it is organic.

My ingredients have a certificate of Quality Assurance. Certified organic ingredients have been farmed with no pesticide. And they are also non-GMO or have not been genetically modified.