About Busy Bee Blossom - we all need gentleness in our day

My name is Louise and this is my story behind the creation of Busy Bee Blossom. Busy Bee Blossom started in 2016 from a wish to have my own business and the want to base it in my love of wholistic health and fitness. Take a look back to my teenage years and what influenced me.

I am Australian born with an Italian heritage. I’ve always been a dreamer. Pisces is my star sign and we fish are imaginative and creative. We’re very likely to find ourselves staring out the window wondering what is going on outside. And how nice it would be to be somewhere else!

Louise from Busy Bee Blossom

As a teenager I loved riding my bike and listening to music. Italian food was a bit strange compared to everyone else’s vegemite sandwich. Olive oil was my Mum’s cooking oil of choice. We had a great diet of fresh fruit, vegetables and great Italian food. Ravioli was one of my Mums great recipes. We weren’t well off, but had enough of everything that was needed.

Rosemary, Mint and Basil were some of the herbs in my Mum’s garden. My Mum cooked a beautiful roast chicken with rosemary and garlic. It was one of my favourite dishes to eat. I used to place the rosemary sprigs in a bowl of steaming water to inhale and cleanse my young skin. It was from this time that I became interested in the power of herbs and their goodness.

As a teenager my dream was to have an Australian business. Since then, I have been a health and fitness instructor and had a career in Finance. Healthy mind and body have always been the core in my life. Some ups and downs too!

On holidays, I found myself enjoying a spa experience under the stars. As well, I loved exploring the botanical gardens where many medicinal plants grew. It inspired me to make the skincare I love, using botanical and essential oils, because of their health benefits. Rosemary essential oil has anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties. That's one of many examples of the healthy benefits that essential oils can give to us.

The ingredients in some skincare products drew my curiosity to find out more. It made me question what skincare I used and if it really made a difference to my skin and health. Does all the hype really make it a good product? I wanted the spa feeling at home too. It's important for me to know and understand what is inside my skincare.

Busy is the mindfulness that I use every day to remind myself of my son, who we lost to mental health in 2013. Bee is to incorporate natural into all my products. Blossoms are for Iain and to remember him. We all need gentleness in our day.


indulge your mind and body with pure ethically sourced ingredients.

gentle on your body.

gentle on the world.

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