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Busy Bee Blossom

Hand Knitted Cotton Face Cloth

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Start your day fresh - gently wash and massage your face

  • Simple and effective cleansing and exfoliation
  • Antjie's Handmade Naturals empowers women in small communities by creating these beautiful face cloths
  • Sustainable and reusable
  • Machine washable

A great way to reveal soft, glowing skin is to use a hand knitted cotton face cloth regularly. Healthy glowing skin needs regular massage to promote blood circulation and skin renewal. The epidermis (top layer of our skin) is renewed about every 30 days. By gently exfoliating our skin, the dead cells are removed to reveal the newer skin underneath. By using a soft hand knitted cotton face cloth regularly, we can help the natural process of skin renewal. By exfoliating regularly, the outer layer of our skin benefits from unclogged pores, clean skin and reduced acne outbreaks.

There are many aspects to having healthy, glowing skin. Regular cleansing and exfoliation is one task we should aim to complete each day. By regularly using a hand knitted cotton face cloth a nice, healthy skin can be one step closer. Buy online today from Busy Bee Blossom.


• Soft cotton fibre
• Handmade
• Strong weave holds it’s shape
• Sustainable and re-usable


• Empowering women in small communities in South Africa by providing work opportunities
• Get healthy glowing skin in your bath and shower everyday
• Use before self-tanning to buff away dead skin cells
• Gently exfoliate and boost circulation
• Long life




22 cms x 22 cms


Dampen hand knitted cotton shower mitt with warm water, work up a lather and use small circular motions on moistened skin to buff all over your body.
Hang up to dry and use again.


• Use a hand knitted cotton face cloth to gently wipe away Blossom Vitamin Moisturising Mask.
• For a final buff use a hand knitted cotton face cloth after applying my Cinnamon Sugar Body Scrub. Sheer joy as the scent rises in the warmth of your morning shower.
• Team Green Goddess Cleansing Bar Soap with a hand knitted cotton face cloth. Soap + Shower Mitt make great friends in the shower or bath by gently cleansing and exfoliating together.