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Bee Happy Apiaries

Certified Organic Raw Jarrah Honey

Certified Organic Raw Jarrah Honey

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Certified Organic Raw Active Jarrah Honey - delicious and healthy

Jarrah Raw Active Honey is produced and packed by Bee Happy Apiaries, Western Australia.

  • Natural, delicious raw honey from bees collecting nectar in the sun drenched and pristine Western Australia Jarrah forest (Eucalyptus marginata)
  • Jarrah organic raw honey has a dark amber colour and tastes rich and full-bodied
  • Jarrah organic raw honey is high fructose and low glucose content
  • Jarrah organic raw honey has high anti-microbial, antioxidant, pre-biotic and mineral benefits
  • Bee Happy honey has not been heat treated or finely filtered keeping all the nutritional benefits of raw and active honey
  • Jarrah honey is harvested every second year if temperatures are above 25℃ and when there is enough rainfall
  • NASAA (National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia) certified organic

Bee Happy® Organic Jarrah Honey is independently tested for its antimicrobial activity levels at certified laboratories within Australia. This Batch has recorded a significant result >T/A 35+. It is a healing honey with higher levels of antioxidants than New Zealand Manuka honey.

Certified organic honey goes through a rigorous process ensuring that:

  • a 5km radius from hives is maintained excluding all potential sources of contamination
  • No heating of the product over 45℃. Bee Happy process their honey at 36℃
  • Bees are treated humanely
  • Environmental restrictions are observed

Busy Bee Blossom is proud to sell Bee Happy Apiaries beautiful organic raw honey. Buy some today.

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What's inside

Certified raw, organic and active Western Australia Jarrah honey


• Just like the bees made it - natural and with no additives
• High Total Activity (TA), is the rating scale used to measure the anti-microbial content of honey. The higher the number, the greater the activity.


• Jarrah active raw honey is a healing honey


• Take 10 grams daily in your favourite food or drink


• Place a teaspoon on top of yogurt or oatmeal porridge in the morning or as a snack after exercise
• Not suitable for children under one year of age
• Store upright at room temperature

Proudly Australian

Beautiful scent of Western Australia bush Jarrah.

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