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Camellia Ultra Hydrating Face Oil

Camellia Ultra Hydrating Face Oil

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Perfect facial cleansing oil for dry and sensitive skin

  • Lift and remove impurities from skins' pores
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Conditions dry and dehydrated skin or hair
  • Unlikely to clog skin pores
  • Rich, powerful certified organic botanical oils
  • Removes makeup gently when used with a face cloth

Geishas in ancient times in Japan used Camellia oil to cleanse their skin. In Japan and Korea today, Camellia Oil is used as a trusted cleansing method. The oil cleansing method supports natural hydration and flawless skin. French women also recognise the benefit of using Camellia Oil as a cleansing face oil for their skin. K-Beauty (Korea Beauty or Korean Skincare) places great importance on the oil cleansing method. Prevention is an important aspect of anti-ageing skincare. Their aim is for glowing, healthy, beautiful and flawless skin. That's what we all want!

Camellia Ultra Hydrating Face Oil is a beautiful addition to my range of face and body oils. Buy online for a gentle skin uplift as part of your daily cleansing routine.

Scent Notes

For sensitive skin

More Details

100 ml• In the care of dry skin, it's important to use a pure oil on your skin
• Keep your shower to around 3 minutes long
• Camellia Ultra Hydrating Face Oil is pure and light in texture
• Use it to deeply moisturise after your shower or during your bath
• Remember that the temperature of water that you bathe in should be comfortable and warm. This is so you don't remove oil that your body produces.


• Pure botanical and organic oils are ideal for facial cleansing
• Spray atomiser and drop dispenser
• Product stays fresh in an amber glass bottle


• Anti-aging skincare
• Very hydrating as well as cleansing for hair, skin and nails
• Provides an occlusive barrier for skin to the elements
• Non-comedogenic rating of 1 to 2 - low to moderately low likelihood to clog skin pores
• Light in colour, absorbs instantly into hair and skin
• No additives or fragrances which can cause sensitivities
• Won’t interfere with fragrance of other products


*Sweet Almond Oil, *Camellia Oil, *Evening Primrose Oil (*denotes 100% Organic ACO/USDA)


• Team Camellia Ultra Hydrating Face Oil with my Handmade Organic Cotton Muslin Face Cloth
• Dampen the cloth, place a few drops onto your face and use small circular motions to massage into your skin
• Remove the oil from your face with a warm moistened face cloth
• Rinse your face cloth, wipe your face one more time gently
• This daily routine will gently cleanse your skin and leave it soft and smooth. Oil attracts oils.


• Spray a few drops in your bath
• Place a few drops on a cotton pad to gently remove eye makeup
• Helps to soothe skin after shaving or to condition beard

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Customer Reviews

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Alex H
Really nice gentle cleanser

I love doing an oil cleanse with this. It rinses off with a wet cloth and leaves skin clean but moisturised. Make up comes off really easily. The pump bottle makes it so easy to use and saves spills while cleansing.

Hi Alex, Thank you so much. I’m so happy that you have enjoyed using my Camellia Ultra Hydrating Face Oil. I'm glad you're finding it gentle and effective.