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Camellia Ultra Hydrating Face Oil

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Perfect facial cleansing oil for dry and sensitive skin

  • Lift and remove impurities from skins' pores
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Conditions dry and dehydrated skin or hair
  • Unlikely to clog skin pores
  • Rich, powerful certified organic botanical oils

Geisha's in ancient times in Japan used Camellia oil to cleanse their skin. In Japan and Korea today, Camellia Oil is used as a trusted cleansing method. The oil cleansing method supports natural hydration and flawless skin. French women also recognise the benefit of using Camellia Oil as a cleansing oil on their skin. K-Beauty (Korea Beauty) places great importance on the oil cleansing method. Prevention is an important aspect of anti-ageing skincare. Their aim is for glowing, healthy, beautiful and flawless skin. That's what we all want!

Camelia Ultra Hydrating Face Oil is a beautiful addition to my range of face and body oils. Buy online for a gentle skin uplift as part of your daily cleansing routine.

Scent Notes

For sensitive skin

More Details

• In the care of dry skin, it's important to use a pure oil on your skin
• Keep your shower to around 3 minutes long
• Camellia Ultra Hydrating Face Oil is pure and light in texture
• Use it to deeply moisturise after your shower or during your bath
• Remember that the temperature of water that you bathe in should be comfortable and warm. This is so you don't remove oil that your body produces.


• Pure botanical and organic oils are ideal for facial cleansing
• Spray atomiser and drop dispenser
• Product stays fresh in an amber glass bottle


• Anti-aging skincare
• Very hydrating as well as cleansing for hair, skin and nails
• Provides an occlusive barrier for skin to the elements
• Non-comedogenic rating of 1 to 2 - low to moderately low likelihood to clog skin pores
• Light in colour, absorbs instantly into hair and skin
• No additives or fragrances which can cause sensitivities
• Won’t interfere with fragrance of other products


Sweet Almond Oil, *Camellia Oil, *Evening Primrose Oil (*denotes 100% Organic ACO/USDA)


• Team Camellia Ultra Hydrating Face Oil with my Handmade Organic Cotton Muslin Face Cloth
• Dampen the cloth, place a few drops onto your face and use small circular motions to massage into your skin
• Remove the oil from your face with a warm moistened face cloth
• Rinse your face cloth, wipe your face one more time gently
• This daily routine will gently cleanse your skin and leave it soft and smooth. Oil attracts oils.


• Spray a few drops in your bath
• Place a few drops on a cotton pad to gently remove eye makeup
• Helps to soothe skin after shaving or to condition beard

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