Gua sha tool moves up from neckline to forehead in seven steps

Learn how to use Gua Sha for your own facial massage

Regular face massage is a treat

I recently ran a workshop on how to complete your own facial massage at my home. I love to have a regular facial but sometimes I don’t have the time or money to have one. French women have been brought up to treat their skin in the best possible way. Facial massage is completed from their teenage years as their regular weekly treatment.

How often should I complete a facial massage?

It’s fun to do your own facial on a regular basis. I like to complete a facial with Roses in Blossom Face Mask at least once a week. Yes, it should be completed regularly, but if you run out of time, then there's always tomorrow. Be kind to yourself.

How do I apply Roses in Blossom Face Mask?

To start with, boil some water and then pour some into a bowl. Carefully let your face hover over the bowl to let the steam warm and soften your facial skin. When the water has cooled, scoop some water onto your fingers and clean your hands and face with the warm water.
Take a clean spatula and place about a teaspoon into your hands. With your fingers massage in small circles your facial skin.
Move from your neck upwards to chin, cheek and forehead.
Let it dry for a few minutes and spritz some more water onto your face. Move in small circular movements again with your fingers.
After ten minutes, wash it away. I prefer to use a soft organic cotton muslin cloth to get the remaining clay gently away from my skin.
Now you will feel that your skin is plump and hydrated from your facial mask treatment.

Gua sha tool is used to sculpt and gently massage face while applying your face mask. Made of rose quartz crystal.

How do I use gua sha?

To take it to the next level use your Gua Sha while your skin has the remaining botanical oils left on. Always remember to sculpt and move your Gua Sha gently and slowly. Botanical facial oils provide slip for the gua sha tool to move over skin without hurting you. Each area of your face should receive two to three movements before moving the next.

Step by step gua sha facial massage

Progress from neck upwards to forehead as follows:

  1. Outer neck - use the long edge to gently press from above collarbone up to below ears.
  2. Neck – again use the long curve up from just below the collar bone to under your chin.
  3. Jaw – use the heart shape to run your Gua Sha from chin to ear. This time the Gua Sha is moving along the jaw bone using the heart shaped space..
  4. Cheek – the rounded side of Gua Sha flows over the cheek starting from near your nose out to your ear.
  5. Brow – heart shape space moves from centre of nose to end of eye brows.
  6. Under eye – gently glide using the round side from nose up to temple.
  7. Forehead – use the flat side to glide from above the brow to hair line.

How I remember the sequence

In summary, the sides of the Gua Sha contour with the surfaces of your face. The straight edge moves along your neck and forehead. The curved edge glides over your cheek bone and under eye. The heart shaped space moves over jawbone and eyebrow.

When not to use gas sha

Remember, to be gentle and don’t use gua sha tool when skin is sensitive, sunburnt, inflamed or against Doctors advice. Be gentle.

My workshop on how to complete your own facial is available too. Blossom Moisturising Vitamin Mask Gift Set is a great gift for Mother's day. I hope you will enjoy some relaxation at home soon.

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