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Busy Bee Blossom

Lemon Calendula Milk Bath Soak

Lemon Calendula Milk Bath Soak

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Creamy Cow's Milk bath soak with calendula petals

  • Milk powder soothes and softens dry skin
  • Pure Epsom Salt for the best muscle recovery bath soak
  • Kaolin White Australian clay to brighten and draw impurities away from skin
  • Fresh Australian Lemon essential oil brightens skin and senses
  • Organic Calendula petals brings a ray of sunshine to your day
  • 8 to 10 baths in every bag

When I was young I climbed in the lemon tree that was growing in my backyard. Looking at the green glossy leaves and smelling the small white blossoms, swinging my feet, I had no cares in the World. My Mum said "she never worries about anything". Those days would be great to dream about again.

Let my Lemon Calendula Bath Milk Soak escape to a time when you were carefree. We all need time for ourselves to Indulge in a heavenly, creamy bath soak filled with fresh scents. An Epsom salt bath soak is beneficial to soften your feet too before applying Repair Body Cream.

Experience the beauty of Lemon Calendula Milk Bath Soak from Busy Bee Blossom - shop now!

    Scent Notes

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    250 gm• Lemon essential oil has an uplifting aroma that helps to boost mood
    •Lemon can help to improve skin tone


    • PET pouch sealed for freshness
    • Calendula petals nourish skin and help to minimise large pores
    • Epsom Bath Salt to help soothe tired muscles


    • Relieves and relaxes sore muscles
    • Magnesium rich to help soothe tired bodies
    • 8 baths worth


    Magnesium Sulphate Heptahydrate, Full Cream Milk Powder, Kaolin White Australian Clay, *Organic Calendula Petals, Lemon Australian Essential Oil, (*certified organic).


    • Run a warm bath and place two to three tablespoons of bath soak into water
    • Slide yourself in and relax
    • Gently pat dry and work in a few drops of Camellia Ultra Hydrating Oil while your skin is slightly damp


    • Allow yourself some time to relax and unwind
    • Breathe in the warm steam and lemon scent to cleanse your mind and body
    • Drink a cup of camomile tea to compliment your me time

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