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Busy Bee Blossom

Hand Knitted Cotton Lip Balm Bag

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Elegant and versatile small travel cosmetic bag

  • Versatile and handy for taking with you anywhere
  • Fill with lip balm and other essentials
  • Empowering small communities by Antjie's Handmade Naturals
  • Sustainable and reusable

Ready to travel. Get set and go with this elegant, versatile small travel cosmetic bag. Pop in your favourite body butter and your head out today. Feel good that your purchase has helped one of small communities who knitted your lip balm bag. Ditch plastic now.


• Handmade by small communities in Western Cape, South Africa.
• Hand knitted in cotton
• Lined in cotton fabric with a zipper close


• Versatile cosmetic bag
• Long lasting
• Gentle machine washable


Cotton knitted fibres, cotton lined inside, zipper close.


11 cm x 17 cm


Fill with Honey Argan Lip Balm and take it with you anywhere.


Small travel makeup bags team well with many of my body butter products. They're the right size for:
• Honey Argan Lip Balm for luscious lips
• Tea Tree and Lemon Foot Balm for soft, sexy toes
• Lavender Tattoo Balm for sweet, scented skin