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Busy Bee Blossom

Ceramic candle snuffer

Ceramic candle snuffer

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Ceramic candle snuffer to safely extinguish candles

  • Long lasting, bisque fired ceramic clay
  • Charming decor
  • Extinguish candle safely

Handmade ceramic candle snuffer is a must have tool to extinguish your candle safely and in style. Each candle snuffer is handmade in Australia by @susanf16 and is a beautiful object for your home décor. A candle snuffer is useful tool to save you from having to clean up accidental wax spills when extinguishing your candle. They’re bisque fired and sturdy too.

Bring your candle display together with this beautiful ceramic candle snuffer. Its sleek yet grand design is sure to give your space a timeless touch, while its use ensures a safe and clean way to extinguish your candles. Make the finishing touch in your home!

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Featured Ingredient

Bisque fired ceramic in gold glaze


• Handmade by Susan Fahd for Busy Bee Blossom
• Gorgeous cat face head on each snuffer
• Sturdy body glazed in plum brown


• Extinguish your candles safely
• Beautiful home decor


Highly glazed clay


After using your candle place the snuffer over the flame to extinguish. Place the snuffer just above the wax so as not to dip your candle snuffer in the hot wax.


•Place in dishwasher as required


Approximately 9.5 cm H x 5 cm W

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Customer Reviews

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Mary D.
Beautiful ceramic candle snuffer

I love ceramics and my cat candle snuffer works really well to put out my candle when I'm finished using it each night. Very efficient and looks beautiful as well sitting beside my candle. It makes the job fun.
Most of all its one of a kind and I love it!
Thank you.

Hi Mary, Thank you. My friend Sue, who created these candle snuffers, has made very beautiful and useful ceramic pieces. I love these too.