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Busy Bee Blossom

Ceramic candle pot

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Handmade and reusable candle jar

  • Strong, bisque fired ceramic clay
  • Beautiful home decor

Each candle jar is handmade by Susan Fahd. The bisque fired pot is filled with coconut and soy wax and scented in Lavender and Mint. My ceramic candle jars burn for at least 20 hours and adds a beautiful ambience to your home. Once it burns down the candle pot can be re-used as a tea bowl or small serving bowl. Ceramic candles jars are durable and are a beautiful object for your home décor. My ceramic candle jars use a shino glaze which is Japanese in origin. Shino ware is characterised by a thick white glaze, speckled red scorch marks and tiny bubble holes.

It’s a candle and then a tea bowl. Sustainable and functional. Buy online from Busy Bee Blossom.

Featured Ingredient


• Handmade by Susan Fahd for Busy Bee Blossom
• Stoneware with Shino glaze


• Candle pot is reusable
• Beautiful home decor


Highly glazed clay


Use your candle for four hours at a time. Pop out the wick holder with a tool and wipe away the remaining wax. Reuse your ceramic jar again.


• Ceramicware can be washed in dishwasher

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