Natural beauty products and living in a sustainable way

Natural beauty products and living in a sustainable way

Natural beauty products and living in a sustainable way

How can I act in a sustainable way?

I love to live my life in a sustainable way. But it takes effort to make small changes. We can all take some baby steps.

Be gentle on our world.

Tread light. My footprint will be as light as possible. In fact, if you can’t see my footprint, then that’s even better. Take action to be sustainable.

Be kind.

It’s important to be empathetic to others. A little help goes a long way for someone in a lonely place. When we show kindness to others, we will feel good about ourselves.

CSIRO is investing in research to improve this.

The aim is to reduce the total waste generated in Australia by 10 per cent per person by 2030. Australia is also aiming to achieve an 80 per cent average resource recovery rate from all waste streams by 2030.

Helpful tips and tricks for sustainable beauty

Tips for making eco-friendly products a part of your sustainable beauty routine. Here are my thoughts:

Use an Organic Cleansing Bar as a body wash, hair shampoo and conditioner. Organic coconut, sunflower and olive oils gently cleanse and moisturise skin. Oils are wonderful for drawing away dirt and grime.

  • Organic Cleansing Bars are moisturising for all over your body
  • Mineral clays gently exfoliate and draw away impurities. Your skin will feel clean and fresh
  • Essential oils are uplifting to smell and help mind, body and spirit

Tip: Prepare a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a cup of warm water and this will work as a rinse for your hair. A rinse with this treatment will leave your hair shiny and gorgeous.

An elegant Ceramic Soap Dish will add a beautiful look to your bathroom. My ceramic soap dishes are kiln fired twice to make stoneware. My friend @susanfahd shapes the clay and leaves them to air dry before firing. The first kiln firing is at 1000 degrees C. This makes the clay durable enough to take the glaze. The next firing is at approximately 1280 degrees.

It takes time, effort and skill to make each ceramic piece. The result is a beautiful ceramic ware that is strong and one of a kind. A ceramic soap dish compliments my cleansing bar allowing them to air between uses.

How did you go in July in reducing your single use plastic?

Inner West Council has some helpful tips to look at to help you to stop using single use plastics. Look for paper and cardboard in beauty products. I package my products in paper and cardboard so it’s eco-friendly. Paper and cardboard are compostable and will break down in time.

By choosing organic materials you don’t need to worry about the nasties. Did you know that plastic bottles can break down over time leaving micro residues?

Use certified organic beauty and skincare products. Organic farming methods ensure your product is free of chemicals and pesticides. It’s a kinder method of farming but is a little more expensive to produce as it takes more time and effort to produce. It’s worth it.

My organic muslin face cloth buffs skin every day in your bath or shower. They are soft and gentle on your skin. Perfect for removing makeup. Try one with Camellia Ultra Hydrating Face Oil for facial cleansing. I sew these up myself in beautiful prints.

Who makes your products?

There are many more varieties of textiles available to team with your skincare. Pick from hand knitted cotton or crocheted jute gloves. Each one is created by women in small communities from South Africa and are sustainable and reusable. It's good to know who made your products. Even better when they help to empower women.

All my other products are made or sourced by me, Louise.

Where do your products come from?

Do your beauty products travel more miles than you do? 😀 Choose Australian made products and support our commercial enterprise too. By supporting Australian made, your skincare isn't shipped long distances. Save on fuel cost and burning fossil fuels by buying natural beauty products made in Australia.

What candle waxes are available to choose from?

I use ecosoy wax for my candles. Ecosoy wax is all natural plant based and sourced from non genetically modified soy crops. I find it makes a beautiful candle that throws a nice scent. Ecosoy candle wax is not produced from petroleum refining methods.

Small footprints make a sustainable path forward.

My vision is to make Australian gentle botanical skincare. And to give you sustainable choices. Wherever possible I choose to use recyclable packaging. I love to sew textiles that you can wash after use rather than throw them away. Plus, I make in small batches so products are fresh and there's no wastage. I make my textiles in small runs too.

Repurpose my gift bags for kids toys, snacks and other uses in and around your home. They're hand made by Louise, Busy Bee Blossom. Enjoy your textiles for longer and give them a new life. It matters to wear clothes that you've enjoyed and want to keep wearing again. #wearitlonger

When you buy your Cleansing Bars online, you can be sure that your product is a sustainable option. I send mail by Australia Post in an 80% recycled post satchel. Organic Cleansing Bars come to you in recyclable materials too.

My Repair Body Creams are presented in an amber glass jar, making them a great recyclable product. Not only that, the amber glass helps to minimise oxidation of oils. Did you know that 85% of glass is recycled in Australia? It's a good clean choice. Remember to place clean glass in your recycle bin and that different coloured glass can be recycled differently depending on your local Council. Inner West Council has more recycle options available too through RecycleSmart 😊

My sustainable home

I try to keep my home as sustainable as possible too.

I use a compost bin and worm farm for food scraps. 🐛 So on bin day, only a little goes into my garbage bin.

Reuse it, if possible. When I shop, I plan ahead and use my groceries over the week ahead. If I do have to throw out any organic matter, it goes into the worm farm or compost bin. 

My reusable cup or bottle travels with me. I try not to be a burden on the environment.

I use storage containers rather than cling wrap whenever I can.

And of course, I use my face cloths in the shower or bath every day. And hang up them up to dry after a quick rinse. It's fun to test my own products and know they are sustainable!

My local Green Living Centre has more tips for a sustainable home.

Put your best foot forward

Discover Australian-Made, Sustainable Beauty Products for a Gentle Footprint. Shop online and visit me at Footprints Ecofestival 2023.

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