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Busy Bee Blossom

Blossom Bath Oil for dehydrated skin

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Relax in a fragrant bath and soothe dry skin

  • Botanical oils for healthy glowing skin
  • Massage in body oil with a fresh, floral aroma from pure essential oils
  • Conditions dry and dehydrated skin or hair
  • Unlikely to clog skin pores

Blossom Bath Oil is effective in caring for dehydrated skin when used as a body oil. As a body oil for dry skin it will help relieve itchy and dehydrated skin. It is a highly nourishing bath oil that is light and easily absorbs into your skin. Blossom Bath Oil is a very effective moisturiser that is rich in Vitamin E, monounsaturated fatty acids, proteins, potassium and zinc. It has a light feel and will help to rejuvenate dry, itchy and inflamed skin.

Blossom Bath Oil is suitable for bath and body moisturisation. Relax in the tub or bath for a few minutes and let the botanical oils absorb into your skin. Let the relaxing essential oil aroma fill the air. A daily essential and vitally important skin care step in keeping healthy skin.

Scent Notes

•Orange Sweet – refreshing, citrus and sweet •Cedarwood Atlas – delicate, warm and woody •Ylang Ylang – rich, honey and floral •Lime – fresh, citrus and sharp •Neroli – Floral and bittersweet

More Details

• Keep your shower to around 3 minutes long
• Blossom Bath Oil has a light texture
• Use it to relax and deeply moisturise in bath and on damp skin after a shower
• Remember that the temperature of water that you bathe in should be warm and comfortable and not too hot to strip the natural oils from your skin


• Pure botanical and organic oils ideal for dry skin care
• Spray atomiser and drop dispenser
• Oils stay fresh in an amber glass bottle


• Very hydrating for hair, skin and nails
• Relax in soothing botanical oils and a fresh aroma
• Provides an occlusive barrier for skin to the elements
• Non-comedogenic rating of 2 – moderately low likelihood to clog skin pores
• Light in colour, absorbs instantly into hair and skin


Sweet Almond Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Essential oils; Orange Sweet, Cedarwood Atlas, Ylang Ylang 1st Grade, Lime, Neroli* (*Denotes Certified Organic)


• Spray a few drops onto your hands and apply the oil to your face, body or to the hair
• Use in bath or after shower
• Also use as a massage oil helping to provide slip while improving suppleness


• Use as a massage oil or body oil
• Use as treatment oil to condition hair or beard
• Yes, you can you use essential oils in the bath. A few drops provides benefits for mind, body and soul.

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