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Busy Bee Blossom

Handmade Lavender Eye Pillow - Australian made

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Relax tired eyes with a stress relief eye pillow

  • Soft pure silk removable outer
  • Filled with dried lavender flowers and linseeds
  • Scented with pure Bulgarian lavender essential oil
  • Relax after yoga or pilates in the quiet and peaceful part of your workout
  • Gentle eye massage

Lavender eye pillow is handmade by me (Louise) from Busy Bee Blossom in Summer Hill, NSW, Australia. This batch is in blue Asian inspired silk with a classic pattern of dragon chasing pearl. I fill each removable insert with linseed and dried lavender flowers. Each weighted pillow for stress is approximately 300 grams. My lavender eye pillow eases stress in a similar way to acupuncture pressure. Or a gentle eye massage.

Beautiful stress relief from Busy Bee Blossom.


• Handmade by Busy Bee Blossom
• Removable silk outer can be washed separately
• Inner pouch filled with lavender flowers and linseed
• Sprinkled with pure lavender essential oil.
• 300 grams in weight


• Improve sleep, relaxation and relieve headaches
• Stress relief by way of acupuncture pressure and gentle eye massage


• Pure silk in blue with a pattern of Asian Dragon chasing pearl
• Cotton inner pouch


27 cms x 9 cms


• To use your eye pillow place it in the microwave oven for 20 seconds to allow it to be comfortably placed over your eyes.
• It can also be placed in the freezer on hot days for a few minutes. Wrap in a tea towel so that odours are not absorbed.


• Use in Yoga or Pilates for moments of peace

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